Prepare your Home for Monsoon Seasons

Most people are pluviophile due to the lovely magic of nature that brings out cool moist and petrichor also with some problems too. The problem may be mould or fungus. How to toss out those from our favorite shoes or our clothes that may have white mould or damp smell over it. Here presents, some of the tips and tricks collected to safeguard your belongings in this season.

Care your Clothscamphor-balls2

Silica gel pouches should be placed in your wardrobe or between your clothes for absorbance of any excess moisture.All clothes in the wardrobe should be clean and dry. Clothes that have moist(even the less amount)  will nurture the growth of mould or fungus.Assist few neem stems with leaves attached in your clothes which will keep the fungus away from your clothes but make sure both clothes and neem were dry.

Perpetuate thelotuff-clegg-4 beauty of Leather

No other weapon exists for leather protection other than polish. In the monsoon, don’t opt for liquid based polish as it would lead to leather miseries. A wax based polish will be best suitable for shoes. In the case of your bags, do not make use of same kind of polish. Choose milder leather conditioner for it. They become a protection layer since they fight moisture in the air. Use newspaper to stuff your shoes and bags then keep them aside.

Care on Carpabbigliamento-e-accessori-prototti-solidaliets/rugs

During the season of monsoon, carpets and rugs are usually high maintenance items as they take a season to get completely dried out. At this time, try to avoid the usage of carpets or rugs and roll and store them in a safer place.Keep your home clean and dry to remove the filthy smell. Let the windows be open so that sunshine spreads in your home which provides cross-ventilation.If you are lover of indoor plants, additional care is essential as these plants become the breeding ground for insects and algae.Clean your floors often to remove germs and any kind of smell.


Care yourr3 vehicles

Try to avoid the vehicle excess amount of water going inside your vehicles during the rains. Mostly, the seat covers get affected by it. Prolonged dampness on the covers may cause foul smell and quality loss of the seat covers. To avoid it, vacuum-clean the seat to wipe away the dampness. Then put good absorbent tissues/papers on them. If you have a shaded place, keep the car doors open for few minutes to air-dry the interior and remove any smell.