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Wood is a part of nature and its use is beneficial for the environment. Houses that are made wooden are more ecological and economic far better than homes made of traditional brick and concrete.

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Building materials such as steel, inorganic materials which are non-combustible expand when heated which can we aken and collapse the structure. Wood reacts in an almost opposite manner to this. When heated (not excessively to a combus
tible temperature of course), wood dries and actually becomes even harder.Wood is stronger than steel and it is also resilient. So the wood be able to absorb the shock of heavy loads and provides safety than many other materials. Thus wood will be the right choice for purpose of furnishings.


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Glass conducts heat 23 times faster than wood, marble 90 times faster, steal 1650 times faster and aluminium a whopping 7000 times faster.This means less energy ‘leakage’ from a home. If you want the warmth (or coolness) to remain in your home, and you want to spend less money on heating (or cooling), wood is a tremendous alternative to brick, concrete or stone.


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When compared with brick, stone or concrete, wood constructions certainly do save time, and inherently with that come savings in labour. This is especially applicable in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and icy conditions, where wood construction can continue without hindrance.



Houses made from trees are sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly. The wooden structures absorb and store atmospheric CO2 and that wood, even taking into account haulage, is carbon neutral (in fact, it’s the only carbon neutral construction material).Mature trees actually use absorb less carbon than younger, faster growing trees, therefore it could be beneficial in the battle on climate change to cut the older trees.

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When we compare the tensile strength of steel to two varieties of wood, spruce and laminated beech, the respective breaking lengths are 19.8km and 28.3km. When it comes to how workable wood is, few things can surpass it. Wood can be whittled in beautiful and creative ways, which can make for almost magical designs. The accuracy and finish that can be achieved with wood can help carve an ordinary design into something extraordinary.

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Wood doesn’t rust. Even though it can oxidize in some form, it is statistically insignificant when compared with metal. True, there are some metals that don’t rust, but they’re more expensive