Buddha In your Home Brings Peace

Why should you keep a Buddha Statue in your Home?

A Buddha statue symbolizes the hope for peace and harmony within the family. Place a Buddha Statue in your home and remind yourself to spread the love and maintain the peace in your family every time you look at it.


The Perfect location to place the buddha statue

Keep a Buddha in your house is to maintain a streak of happiness and draw nin the calm energy from your surroundings. Placing it in your house is highly recommended if your family members have a busy hectic life. If you do so you can maintain a sense of balance in your lifestyle. Besides that, there are Buddha statues that bring wealth, health and good luck. You can have all the different types of Buddhas in your home but to to gain the right benefits you have to see to that you put the statue in the right place.



Consider these th225x300_inner-image-2ings before placing the Buddha statue in your house:

  • The best suggestion while buying a Buddha would be to choose the most Popular “Laughing Buddha”. This Buddha also known as the happy man is renowned for giving abundance and happiness. Laughing Buddha also Known as the “Buddha of wealth” will bring prosperity and good fortune to your home and to your business.
  • You can recognize this Buddha with his robe and prayer beads often hanging around his neck. He is bald, has a big fat tummy, and is often seen holding a pot of gold or a sack of treasures. Seeing this Happy Buddha statue itself spreads joy in your household. It is also widely believed that this Buddha makes all your problems disappear.
  • Buying one for your home?Then try buying a bigger one and place it directly facing the main door. It can also be placed on your side table or corner table that is located diagonally opposite to your front door but still facing the door.
  • With other Buddhas, it is better to place them on a pedestal or a table. Avoid placing it on the groundor in spots below the soles of your feet for it is a sign of disrespect. Try Placing it above your eye level like in Cambodian temples which signifies reverence and respect.
  • Students can place a Buddha statue on their deskwhere they study for it is said that Buddha will assist the students in reaching their goals. Make sure  the place is clean and uncluttered before you keep it.
  • Place your Buddha away from inappropriate locations and unclean, smelly places. Never place a Buddha in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Do not place a Buddha near motors or electrical outlets for the sounds of the equipments tend to disturb the surrounding peaceful aura.
  • A garden is the perfect to place your Buddha. Especially if you have a meditating Buddha. These Buddhas can be recognized with their closed eyes, in the sitting position with both hands over the other that is the left hand on top over the right one.

Make use of these suggestions and follow these basic guidelines to keep the positive, peaceful, joyous vibration flowing continuously in your house or office.